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Guest rooms and suites include kitchenettes, and several have balconies, porches and fireplaces.The villagelike setting occupies an entire city block with walled gardens, a courtyard and pool, along with a guests-only bar in an early-20th-century garage. Just 30 deluxe tents, spread over five riverside camps, each with its own chef, and an additional 28 luxury vacation homes share 37,000 acres of wilderness.Compared with documentary history, the scope of archaeology is overwhelming.Morris inevitably finds an elegant human perspective in the snapshots he describes, from human footprints across the mudflats of the Severn estuary made six or seven thousand years ago by a group that included a running child, to the comparatively recent plaster drips hanging from the vaulted ceiling of a church crypt on the North Yorkshire moors, just nine centuries old.The building is modern and industrial, but the vibe is warm, inviting and friendly.We believe quality is a fundamental principle of hospitality, which is why we’re extremely selective about the spirits we carry.

My wife, Alison, snaffled the pub's last glass of Picpoul de Pinet, a potion that has gained a dedicated following in rural Yorkshire.

People leave their traces not only in deliberate workmanship, but just by getting along – disturbing the mud and leaving a trail that we, or at least the observant archaeologist, can follow back in time.

On this journey, every scrap of material becomes forensic evidence.

With that in mind, here are some new and improved hotels and resorts to woo many ages and stages of love, from platonic crushes to wedded commitment.

With an infinity pool, stand-up paddleboards and a restaurant from the Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin, guests may feel little impulse to leave, though if they do, the resort will arrange a Mini Moke, the island’s signature car, and a picnic basket filled with roast chicken and rosé.

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