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The poor solemn dancerthe poor saddened soulthe poor battered spiritangry that they’ve been soldwith dirty feet and scabby legsthey work to feed the kingthe end from him they can only beg And freedom will never ring. Opium production for example fell and spiked in a somewhat predictable patter from 1990 until 2010.

Kisses stolen Frozen iceberg glued to the spot mind glazed inwards to void the tape Slowly the blood runs down down to block it out Trapped in a web of evil lies I lie here in anguish Utterly helpless caught up in human trafficking... When this data is graphed a reasonable medium appears for all the years, revealing that opium production has stayed around an average production of roughly 200,000 hectares annually.

With the technology we have, something need to be done. The physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological impact of lifestyles that result from these two types of trafficking will be detailed to etch vividly an image of just how far-reaching the impact of these two activities is.Following such visits, my Office issues an official country visit report which contains tailor-made recommendations for enhancing efforts to combat human trafficking.As a citizen of Kazakhstan, the Central Asian region is very close to my heart.However, identification of victims is one of the biggest challenges in the country, and therefore capacity building and strong co-operation among all stakeholders is crucial.This includes the involvement of law enforcement agencies but also NGOs, diplomats as well as social workers and labour inspectors.

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