Celeb dating sim game fourm

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You are the source for all the cat videos that the internet can handle. Your name has become synonymous with the internet, and nobody can go anywhere without seeing you.

I have been scavenging through site after site to try and find any worth while otome or dateing Sims .

It shows a level of depravity unimaginable twenty, ten, even five years ago.Suddenly only girls start to grown at the earth and strange mass suicides happen in weird places. You are the last girl who can breed boys you have to choose a viable male to continue the specie and discover what happen .But I am just confused on one thing: its a turn-based RPG with dating simulation tucked in?Well my friends prepare for the power of the virtual love.Players get to see the photo of a celebrity and have to quickly shout his or her name and press the big red button (because every game is made better by a big red button).

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