Dating a married man with a pregnant wife

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Many male affair partners promise to leave their wives, according to “Today” relationships editor, Dr. The only real way you know he’s going to leave is if he packs his bags and moves out, reports Saltz.

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He moved in with his mistress, but the relationship foundered after a few months.The wife's decision to leave is soley her decision, and frankly, I believe if it were not you who broke the news to her, the next woman would have. I just need to stay strong for the baby and myself.His parents ought to be p__sed at him - he's a married man afterall! He will only text message me but he will not call me on the phone so I guess that is a good thing. Everything happens for a reason and I have already asked God for forgiveness b/c at least I can admit that I sinned but I told him if he wants forgiveness he ask to ask for it. I am just wondering now if his parents will be apart of this child's life.If you do try to make a go of it, will you trust him or wonder if he is cheating on you? No matter what your affair partner says, if he makes no move to leave the marriage of his own volition, it’s empty words.If he shows up at your place because his wife threw him out, there is no guarantee that he won’t talk her into taking him back.

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