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This chart was produced to identify the various wings worn by aviators in the U. The wings shown are officially authorized, issued insignia.

Once a wing pattern was authorized, it continued to be issued and worn until a new pattern replaced it. Wings that are approximately 3" wide were worn on the flight jacket/flying suit.

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Many wings have been "re-issued" by the original makers for special occasions.

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NAVCADs who failed to successfully complete flight training were contractually obligated to enter fleet service as undesignated enlisted personnel.

When evaluating a pair of wings, the following information should be considered - Many WW2 wings continued to be issued and worn for years after WW2.

Several makers are or were in business after WW2 and replacement wings could be ordered.

These are either former URL officers previously designated as Naval Aviators who later attend medical school and transfer to the Medical Corps, or an even smaller percentage of "dual designator" Naval Flight Surgeons who are selected to be Student Naval Aviators and undergo pilot training as Medical Corps officers. Marine Corps officers are line officers, either unrestricted line, limited duty, or warrant officer, eligible to command MAGTF units commensurate with their grade, designation, and occupational specialty; the U. Marine Corps does not have restricted line officers or staff corps officers, as does the U. Upon completion of AOCS, NAVCADS would enter into flight training and upon successful completion of training and designation as a naval aviator would be commissioned as officers with a reserve commission in an active duty status.

The vast majority of Naval Flight Surgeons, although they are on flight status, are not dual designated and are not Naval Aviators. After completion of their initial operational flying tour, they would receive an assignment to complete their bachelor's degree.

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