Dating nippon porcelain age

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They all have one thing in common - sellers that claim that these are something completely different.Marks presented here are grouped per dominant features; as some consist of more than one feature, they will appear in all appropriate sections.

Antique China dolls were made by various, mostly German companies from 1836 to the 1940s.

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A number of manufacturers is not included on this site yet; either I did not have time to include them or there simply was not enough information for an own page.

Composition heads were also described by American doll makers, as "unbreakable" opposed to German bisque doll heads that dominated the doll market, prior to World War I 1914-1918.

composition dolls worst enemy, extremes of temperature in Heat, Humidity over time, affect the wood material which expands or contracts, the painted surface on top doesn't, instead fine lines appear in the paint called crazing and cracks that expose the material below.

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