Dating old photo albums

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Not only does this preserve the possible chronological order of the photographs and connections with any notations made in the margins of the pages, but it also allows associations to be drawn between, for example, two facing photographs on opposite pages of the album.In this particular album, near the album’s conclusion, a young man and a young woman whose portraits faced each other turned out to be husband and wife, a promising young couple who had studied together at university during the early twentieth century.So while you should try to keep your family photos in good shape, don’t go overboard and forget their purpose — remembering those who are gone.

The photographs within this album dated to the Civil War, and in an effort to identify the individuals based on a few faded captions, I studied them carefully.

The missing dates could be marked as ‘x’ but that could result in too many of them with the similar label which could get pretty confusing later.

The help of some clues could, however bring together the pieces of puzzle together to form a picture that could decipher the stories of the ancestors.

Might the portraits of bewhiskered men have been a last memento before they left home for battle?

When reviewing the photographs in this album, I first learned the importance of keeping the photographs in place.

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