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STDs are extremely common, especially among young people, and they are difficult to track.More than half of all of us will get one at some point in our lives.And what will the two guys say when they meet each other? I really should have gotten myself something to drink, too. "Ooh yuck, I have little tiny hairs all down my shirt," Battle says rapidly, in a higher voice then usual."i can't feel any hair," i announce, and step away. She uses both hands to pinch her shirt at the shoulders, then shakes it in an attepmt to dislodge the hairs.And within those months, we tried to put the pieces back together and I waited for her to come back.

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Gia wasn't religious or someone who had huge dreams; she was just grateful for the fact that she wasn't exactly struggling to keep up in the world.

Many STDs don’t cause any symptoms that you would notice, so many people who have an infection go undiagnosed.

You can get an STD from having sex with someone who has no symptoms.

I remember when I first saw Battle and thought of her as Beautiful Hair Girl. But now, with her head shaved, she looks much more vulnerable. "That's not gonna work, you"ll have to take a shower," I say automatically. Her jaded occupation of being a nail technician was what she went to school for, but that didn't make it any more exciting.

Then an incredible vivid picture of Battle in the shower forms itself in my brian. Her apartment was average, she was still making payments on her old car, and the only thing in her daily routine that kept her going was her bunny Ajax.

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