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Sean Mills, the CEO of Nerve Dating, agrees that online dating today still feels like a search for the best deals on airline tickets.It seems as if, in playing online games, we go to buy more missiles, and in doing so suddenly find out that we’re the proud member of an online dating community.Last year, Nick Paumgarten wrote an interesting article for The New Yorker that detailed the rise of online dating and the effects it’s had on web culture.

The repairman was there, his tools spread out on the floor. He’s up top, he said, pointing to the ceiling, where his partner was riding on the outside of the elevator. Halfway in, on the threshold where most people stop to hold the door open, the car shot up and pinned her to the roof.Second, as always, Paumgarten weaves together a wealth of research, reporting, and analysis into a flowing narrative: he goes into the history of computer matchmaking and the evolution of online dating; he looks at the psychology and science behind attraction; he examines the sociological and cultural meaning of internet matchmaking; he looks at the business aspects of online dating sites and the CEO’s that drive them; he talks to a lot of people who have used or e Harmony or OK Cupid; and on top of all of this, he writes his own reflections on what it means: It is tempting to think of online dating as a sophisticated way to address the ancient and fundamental problem of sorting humans into pairs, except that the problem isn’t very old.Civilization, in its various guises, had it pretty much worked out.Come on in, he said, pressing the “door close” button and whistling a short tweet. The voice was came from above, and it didn’t fade away. The two passengers were trapped with her body for over an hour.Somewhere above us, a whistle back, and we started to move. That night I sat down again with one of the most frightening, banal, effed-up, claustrophobic, and crazy-good pieces of nonfiction I’ve ever read: “Up and Then Down,” Nick Paumgarten’s 2008 history of elevators from The New Yorker If you’ve never read it, perhaps you’ve heard about the story, another it-will-never-happen-to-me urban legend turned reality: In the fall of 1999, Nicholas White, a production editor at Business Week, enters an elevator at the Mc Graw-Hill building to go out for an evening smoke and leaves it 41 hours later.

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