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He also said: “I pledge my allegiance to Baghdadi on behalf of the Islamic State,” in a reference to the leader of the Isis terror group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.Police did not immediately storm the club after it turned into a hostage situation because Mateen claimed there were vehicles outside of the club that contained bombs.The National Football League (NFL) has teamed up with The Ad Council and advertising agency R/GA to create a moving instalment in the ‘Love Has No Label’ equality series.Filmed at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida during the NFL Pro Bowl in January, the new film sees a “Kiss Cam” hone in on fans highlight the different faces of love and friendship.

My Dissertation was on parent alienation and this study and interest led me to my work in helping to reunite children with parents who are or have become estranged.At one point, the camera hones in an a man and a woman stood next to each other, until the man turns the other way to kiss his boyfriend instead.Another of the gay couple’s featured includes a man who survived last June’s tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub.Due to the intense nature of the reunification consultation and coaching, I only accept a very small number of these cases at a time.Clients with a variety of other issues make up the majority of my practice (and give me balance!

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