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with a plot revolving around an aging film director's 70th birthday party, the film was conceptualized as a cynical portrait of the 1970s Hollywood - parodying the end of the studio system, and the experimental new filmmakers of the New Hollywood, as well as mocking various European directors.The semi-autobiographical film is about a movie director, played by John Huston, feuding with Hollywood over an ambitious film.

In Orson Welles' free-form documentary, the legendary filmmaker (and self-described charlatan) gleefully engages the central preoccupation of his career-the tenuous line between truth and illusion, art and lies.

Happily, Welles concludes the proceedings with a delightful sequence about Picasso, lust, and what constitutes real art.

Born Olga Palinkaš in 1941 to a Hungarian father and a Croatian mother, Kodar was the partner and lover of Orson Welles during the last twenty-four years of his life.

In a phone interview with the paper, she said: 'The catalyst is the hundred-year anniversary and everybody is moving in a kind of wave.

When I finally see it on the screen, then I will tell you that the film is done.' Mr.

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