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A successful and reputable NEPA matchmaking service is helping serious and mature singles in Northeast PA find love with ease. But singles who sign up with the best matchmakers in NEPA improve their chances of finding love by up to 90%.

The professional matchmakers at All About Singles carefully vet each client personally to ensure they’re fit to date and ready to welcome love.

Jim's parents presumably live in Scranton as well, as his sister Larissa and best friend Alan Murphy are listed as his emergency contact at Dunder Mifflin.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, July 25, 2017 Things are heating up for Scranton singles this summer, and it has nothing to do with the sizzling temps outside.

Are there any good singles groups locally in NE PA where singles can meet and socialize?

(read more) At Jo Ann Brown’s house, never judge a cake by its icing.

The Dunmore resident surprised guests during a get-together for her son Jacob’s 21st birthday when she cut into the cake only to reveal it was made out of watermelon.

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I've tried online dating and unfortunately have come across a good number of flakes and players.

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