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"First of all, he was very, very low energy, wasn't he? I think he's starting to get a little depressed." "You know, he sort of gets out there, he's talking, he's droning on, you know, he's telling one lie after another," Rosen said.

And a real investment in infrastructure, real investment in jobs." And Donald trump's entire economic plan is essentially giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Rosen said Trump is "off base" in his ability of connecting with "real people" because he touted how his tax plan will help the poor.

So everybody just agreed to disagree and shut up about something that was already getting sort of stupid, right? Rosen apologized – but didn’t stop acknowledging the fakeness of the Romney campaign’s sudden case of the vapors – and then the lone goober who claims to be the “Catholic League” decided to say that Rosen’s adoptive family was somehow less valid because she is a lesbian and her children are adoptive., oddly enough, had a really good analysis of why the War on Women charge is sticking on the GOP. And because it has not occurred to many public figures in the party that treating women like they’re full-fledged adult human beings might be the way to go.)In stranger news, Herman Cain caught himself mid-gaffe but just couldn’t stop the momentum, saying that men are more familiar with politics than “other people.”Gosh, I wonder which other people Cain could mean? Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman (R) also checked in from some strange man-planet from the past to let us know that equal pay – which was repealed by Wisconsin last week – isn’t such a big deal because money is more important to men, who have big-boy jobs and all that, while women keep losing focus and having babies and things.

that she shared anything with her husband." Mc Enany replied, "We don't know that." Wait, even though there isn't any counts as proof?

Mc Enany then claimed that Huma could have been blackmailed when she left some sensitive material in her car, that was never compromised.

Political jerkballery For starters, you’ve certainly heard about the skullthuddingly stupid furor that was whipped up over Hilary Rosen’s statement that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.”In context, this is really not much problem with Rosen’s remarks.

Mitt said he didn’t have the problem with the ladies, on account of he asked his wife what she thought about economic issues, so there.

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